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A new generation of Wireless Security Systems
Ajax wireless solutions meet the needs of modern times.
They are reliable, clear and beautiful at the same time.
Because when it comes to safety,
there are no compromises.
An intelligent control panel enhances the performance of each divice in the Ajax system. It monitors and controls network devices, analyzes threats, filters false alarms and alerts you of any real danger.
Pet immune motion PIR detector teacts to the first step of a human but ignores cats, dogs, drafts and noise from an air conditioner.
Key fob with rolling code encryption and authentication enables/disables modes of protection and sends panic alarm signal.
Magnetic opening detector helps to protect doors and windows across several floors of a house or office.
Wireless indoor siren with audiovisual alarms, a customizable sound level between 81 - 105 dB and external LED connector.
Wireless touch keyboard helps to arm the system with a passcode or with the press of a button. Use a duress code to send a silent alarm to a central monitoring station.
Protection against intruders and failures
The system reports power failures and continues working from the backup battery
Internet Issues
A backup GSM signal sends notifications in the event of a network failure
Detector Failure
Frequent pinging ensures an alert is sent as soon as a device stops responding
Damaged Sensor
Frequent pinging instantly determines damage
Alarm Installation Service
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